Boost your agility at the Agile Boost Camp 

Already practicing agile and want to boost your agility? 

Join the Agile Boost Camp to fix dysfunctions, get rid of wasteful training wheels and shatter some myths. 
You will get practical tips and tricks that will boost your agility. 
The agenda is built of frequently encountered situations where the basic agile answer doesn't really work in real life. 
In true agile fashion participants pick the situations they care the most about, short timeboxed sprints are used to address them, and we adjust the plan along the way.

Some situations that have been popular with participants so far:
  • How to bridge the gap between the Business desire/need for Commitment in advance and the Agility of pulling content continuously/every sprint? What approaches to Agile Release Planning address this gap? 
  • How to deal with people that are external / shared amongst multiple teams? 
  • How to help teams grow their versatility / cross-functionality - especially when they self-organize around the work? 
  • How to energize people and teams in a healthy way? How to deal with typical motivational challenges in agile? 
  • What is the difference between Scrum Master and Team Lead? Who should be the Scrum Master? 
  • How to deal with Scrum-Fall - Waterfall outside the sprint, Waterfall inside the sprint...?
  • What metrics can we use to support a healthy agile ecosystem? What should we stop measuring? 
  • How does the Manager role change in Agile?
  • How to work in Agile when the world around us is a waterfall? (the wider organization, our customers, our suppliers, etc. )
  • How do we deal with situations where we cannot achieve Definition of Done/ Potentially Shippable Product every sprint? Can we still be agile? How can we decide on the optimal batch size for each "Definition of Done" activity? 

What our clients have to say:

“finally an agile workshop which brings the theory down to earth and helps us understand what practical steps we can take to address our issues”.
“We should repeat this workshop every couple of months as it allows us to keep boosting from where we are”
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